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Since 2015 We Can Do It employment agency has been supporting Polish and foreign companies in finding the perfect employee.

Starting from the stage of identifying needs, through the process of seeking and recruiting a candidate, as well as full HR and payroll services up to the coordination of staff. Our experts will relieve your business from all human resources department tasks. Renting workers is an excellent form of acquiring tested personnel and filling staff shortages. The entrepreneur gains business flexibility and an access to a wide database of specialists. At the same time there is no need to bear the traditional costs of maintaining employees. Whereas a skilled worker gains access to many contracts tailored to his current needs and individual skills. Using our services allows you to focus on your business – it limits the commitment and time needed to recruit and process employees to a complete minimum.


What kind of workers do we offer?

office worker

Skilled workers for your projects

Our agency offers top-class specialists with extensive professional experience. Thier skills are supported by certificates and many refferences. All our workers are associated to the industry with several years of documented professional history. A precise recruitment process is necessary to verify their competences and predispositions are verified. While addressing your demand for an employee, you can be sure that we are going to select a reliable candidate with high competences, who will be choosen individually for your needs.

Finding a candidate

Our recruitment team in action – thanks to excellent organization, we conduct hundreds of interviews and dozens of recruitments every day.

Your order begins a complex, but at the same time efficient recruitment process. The first step is identifying our clients needs and understanding his project. That way we can accurately preselect a candidate from our employee database. A careful selection of candidates allows to select employees with the greatest potential and skills in the first phase of searching. Currently, our database contains 35,000 specialists. In addition, we constantly conduct interviews with new candidates. We are always trying to reach new talents thanks to extensive promotional campaigns, Direct Search and the use of the latest social communication technologies.


Find out how we inteview candidates

The We Can Do It recruiter team consists of experienced Human Resources specialists. They are responsible for arranging the meeting schedules and assuring a high level of interaction with the candidates.

The recruitment process consists of successive stages:

1. CV analysis

2. Initial telephone interview

3. Interview (in our office)

4. Acceptance of the candidate

After a positive verification of submitted documents our recruiter to contacts the candidate and conducts an initial telephone interview. We ask about professional history and confirm the information provided in the Resume and ask for additional details. At this stage, we also provide additional information about a specific contract. After a satisfactory conversation, an invitation to the company’s headquarters follows. We meet in one of our offices to conduct a full interview. Then the candidacy is presented to our client who accepts employees for a given project.

The verification of candidates competences takes place in a modern recruitment room at one of the agency’s offices.

A face-to-face conversation with the candidate in a properly prepared environment allows us to get to know the future employee. A formal situation, enriched by a professional and friendly atmosphere, enables gaining an in-depth knowledge of our candidate. In addition we assess key skills necessary to perform future tasks. At the same time we also learn about personality traits and soft skills that affect the work routine. During the meeting a diagnosis of potential is executed.

We assess personality and industry or technical knowledge. Language skills are tested, as well as the ability of cooperation and the level of motivation.

Direct contact between candidates and recruiters brings mutual benefits. The interview is not only a formal requirement and examination of competence. It is also, above all, an opportunity to learn the values ​​of both parties interested in cooperation. The candidate has the opportunity to learn about our organization culture and standards of his future employer.

This time also has a positive effect on creating a good level of communication, and transparency which affects building of mutual trust.

HR & payroll


Our work as a workers agency does not end with finding the right candidate.

As part of a comprehensive service, our experts provide full HR and payroll services. It is our duty to control working time, fulfill legal obligations, execute wages or archive necessary documents.

Basic tasks of this department:

  •  medical examinations for employees
  • preparation of contracts
  • settlement of working time
  • calculation and salary payments
  • sick leave and holidays handling
  • tax documentation
  • employee insurance
  • keeping and storing personal files

Staff Coordination

Regional overseers

Throughout the delegation period every employee can count on our regional coordinators. They take care of all organizational and logistic matters. Starting from the flight / travel prepperation, through the provision of accommodation and local transport, to securing homecomming. They are also responsible for good communication with the employee. Coordinators provide all necessary information and give support throughout the entire cooperation. They also manage our company cars useage.

Benefits of cooperation

with We Can Do HR

They trusted us

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